About Beetechnica

BeeTechnica is a software development company that provides services to small and large scale businesses. We are proud to be a team of industry experts who love to make the difference by pushing the boundaries of technology. We have always aimed to produce quality exceptional solution. We have a history of success on range of software projects. We own our customers as truly in their success lies our success. We provide economical and high quality services of Custom Application development on Microsoft and Open Source platforms:

  • Mobile Application Development (Windows Phone, Android and iOS development).
  • Application Maintenance Services, Application Integration Services.
  • Web and Graphics Design, and Offshore Development Center.
  • Hire reliable and dedicated resources and take care of your project yourself.
  • Focus on your core business and let us manage the project.
  • Get partner with us on our products.
  • Benefit from our products.

BeeTechnica has successfully delivered solutions of the highest quality to small to big-sized businesses across the globe. We provide leverage to our customers with end-to-end consulting, applications support, implementation and infrastructure services.

What We Do

Our Services

  • Get free advice.
  • Get a project estimated.
  • Hire a team of industry gurus for your project.
  • Hire reliable and dedicated resources and take care of your project yourself.
  • Focus on your core business and let us manage the project.
  • Get partner with us on our products.
  • Benefit from our products.

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How We Do

Our Work Methodology

In our software development process we adhere to quality coding standards making sure the end product is according to the requirements, secure and scalable. From planning to maintenance of SDLC we try to remain highly informed on best practices and latest updates in the world of technology. In development phase, we make sure that user requirements are translated into technical details in the form of tasks for development team. A typical methodology to ensure the quality code includes:

Unit tests:
Unit tests for all possible scenarios are written at this stage to ensure that the code meets the requirement.

Code reviews:
To ensure quality code we have different level of code reviews – peer review and review by senior developers/team leads/managers.

Software Configuration Management:
We have a dedicated team to oversee software configuration management (source control, revision management and release management) for a products to better manage product lifecycle. We employ project management tools.

Automation Testing and QA reviews:
QA team is responsible to verify quality of the software. We have a QA team, adept in manual and automation testing.

Build testing:
Deployment and verification on Dev, Build, QA and Staging servers to make the code production ready.

Agile Development Model

In order to develop effective documentation and modeling of systems based on software, we use Agile Modeling, which is basically a proven methodology based on practice. It offers the following flexible options for operation after production:

  • Customer satisfaction by delivering working software within the set time frame, on a regular basis.
  • Measuring the progress of development process on the basis of performance levels and functionality of the software.
  • Assigning proficient team of motivated and self-organized individuals.
  • Get business people and developers to work cohesively on a daily basis.
  • Be open to changes required in the process.
  • Continue a sustainable pace of development.
  • Keep switching to good designs continuously.

Waterfall Model

Waterfall Model. We, at Beetechnica opt to incorporate both in our web and app development process in order to retrieve the most reliable and efficient results.

The waterfall model emphasizes on a phase-by-phase progress and accentuates on sequential development. This makes it a preferred choice at Beetechnica for undertaking strategic software development under this model. There are absolutely no repetition or overlapping of any of the said phases. The model is structured in a way that developing software under it unfolds in the following steps:

  • Analyzing the client requirements and defining them explicitly to facilitate.
  • Better picture of how and what to deliver.
  • System and Software design and determination of platform best suited for the incorporation of determined requirements.
  • Design document before coding is commenced.
  • Testing the website or application through various means to ensure highest quality assurance.
  • Deployment after the software passes all quality and performance checks

Our Clients

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